November 1st, 2020

Build a Strong Relationship with Your Team

Just recently, I had the chance to sit down with Foodie Coaches client Yasmin Chung. Our conversation soon turned to her team… 

I asked what she does to keep her relationship with her team members strong. And she said it had a lot to do with feedback.

Yasmin is a big believer in providing quick and positive reinforcement.

As an example, she told me about two team members who weren’t quite performing up to par. She gave them her feedback and then observed what they did. 

They both made an active effort to improve. And then she quickly provided positive reinforcement. She commended them on making an effort and told them that she really appreciated it.

This is an important part of a healthy feedback framework.

When we give feedback to our teams, we often do it out of a feeling of frustration. We want things to go our way and get flustered when they don’t. 

This often leads us to deliver feedback in a frustrated state, with emotion behind it.

And that can have a negative effect on our relationships with our team members.

If you shoot out feedback, without framing it properly first, you’re transferring your frustration to your people. You’re showing them that you care more about getting the job done than you do about them.   

And that affects how your people see you.

It affects how willing they are to get on board when you make changes to your business.

It’s crucial that you have a framework for delivering feedback. Then you can avoid this issue. For Yasmin, this involves providing feedback in a calm manner. And then making sure to reinforce positive changes in behaviour.  

She makes a point of acknowledging the progress that her people make.

You need to do the same thing when delivering feedback. Don’t just tell your people what to do and leave it at that. Track their progress. And then give them a pat on the back when you see them making an effort.

Remember, feedback is your friend.

Do it more, do it better. 

Tim Kummerfeld

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