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One Goal: To Make You More Money

The Foodie Coaches Elite Mastermind program provides hospitality business owners a proven system to create success in this industry for years to come.

Whether that means straight-up more cash in the till, a business that runs predictably as you take a step back or a brand and books that are ripe for sale.

We’ve done it all and we help hospitality business owners like you every day. From a real community of hospitality mastermind alumni, to real coaching you can take action on now, this program has everything you need to get the very best out of your hospitality business.

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  • 1. Weekly live marketing classes with our Head Marketing Coach
  • 2. «Personal Kickstart» - a 12 month goal setting and strategy session
  • 3. Quarterly clarity plan framework, feedback & reviews
  • 4. Exclusive Foodie Coaches Elite online member resource portal access (with 100’s of unique trainings & templates)
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  • 5. Quarterly in-person 3-day retreats with your coaches and other Elite Mastermind members
  • 6. Personal one on one coaching sessions with our coaches as and when required
  • 7. Weekly Live accountability webinars with your Head Business Coach
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  • 8. Weekly reporting and accountability forms
  • 9. Exclusive Foodie Coaches Elite Mastermind Facebook support community access
  • 10. 12-month access to hundreds of hours of online education and resources
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Toni - Metro Cafe & Bar

When Toni started with Foodie Coaches, she didn’t think 10% costs savings were possible in the slightest. She couldn’t even see how to shave 1% cost off her food or labour costs.

Boy did we show her how.

Now, Toni knows her numbers, she understands how to keep costs low, and knows the way to ultimate success in the hospitality world.

Gina & Russel - Branded Burgers

The food at Branded Burgers was amazing. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of great food, Gina and Russel had let everything else fall to the wayside.

They then met Foodie Coaches, and took their store back. They instituted new procedures, understood their numbers better, and even improved their staffing situation. Overall, a huge gain in time and money.

Ros & Kirk - Luna Espresso

Six months before finding Foodie Coaches, Ros and Kirk thought they would have to shut down. They felt as if they were floating in the dark with no one to help them succeed.

Foodie Coaches changed all of that. With our program they found guidance to save the company and a support network to help them through the worst of times. Now, not only do they have help, but they have a clear path to success.

Aaron - The Mex

Aaron was too involved in the everyday operations of his business. He was to focused on creating great food, he didn’t know how to step back and add greater value to the company as a whole. That’s when he found Foodie Coaches.

With our program, he doesn’t just have a clear vision, a strong leadership style, or hope of light at the end of the tunnel. He sees a clear path to a multi-million dollar business in hospitality and beyond.

Tobie & Scott - The Little Snapper

When Tobie and Scott started with Foodie Coaches, The Little Snapper was doing well, but it could have been better. They were looking for guidance on how to get themselves to the next level, and Foodie Coaches showed them how. The answer? Branding, messaging, and numbers. They understand how these three elements work together not only for a great customer experience, but for more involved staff and a stronger response from the greater community as well.

Kendra & David - The Metz

Kendra and David were trying to transition into hospitality but, at the end of the day, it was a much harder move than they anticipated. They were working day to day, completely stressed out, and weren’t seeing any improvement to their bottom line.

Since working with Foodie Coaches, The Metz is running smoothly, Kendra and David have more time for their kids, and they’re much less stressed.

Aaron - Stellarossa Yarrabilba

“I’ve been able to maximise my socials, team morale and customer relations, which has increased customer count and sales”.

Owner Aaron has increased sales by 25% in just 12 months! This has allowed him to take a step back from the business and spend more time with his family.


We guarantee that if you follow the steps we’ve laid out in this program, and you really commit to making the important changes to your business that our coaches and Mastermind Alumni suggest, you will absolutely come out making more money. The Elite Mastermind program is an immersive experience, alumni stay involved for years after, and get involved in helping others find success in their own businesses.

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