November 16th, 2020

Fixing Your Staff Feedback

In my last blog post, I talked about “pull asides” and how you can use them to deliver feedback to your people. With this technique, you deliver feedback in the moment… And get much faster results.

You also deliver your feedback in a more relaxed way. Which makes your employees more receptive.

But there’s another part of this method that I haven’t shared with you yet – getting permission.

Here’s what I say when I want to pull somebody aside and give them some feedback:

“Hey, I just have a quick thing that I want to share with you. It’s not a hard conversation or anything. I just want to share something with you that will help us to do better. Would it be cool to take a minute for a quick chat?”

Notice that last part.

I’m asking permission from the person to share something with them. I’m asking them if they’re okay to open themselves up to some feedback.

What happens when you ask permission?

You ignite the person’s curiosity. They want to know what you have to say, which means they’re going to say “yes” most of the time. 

And when you get their permission, you have an open platform where you can share something with them.

The alternative is to just hit them out of the blue with your feedback:

“Hey! I need you to stop doing that and start doing this.”

When you do that, you’re jolting them out of whatever they’re doing and shocking them. And this means they’ll likely feel less receptive to the feedback that you need to share.

Asking permission shows that you have respect for this person’s time and the effort they’re putting in. And then you have an environment where you can deliver feedback that they will take action on.

That’s a key part of creating change in employee behaviours. And keeping your relationships strong.

“Pull asides matter” when it comes to giving feedback. But your delivery matters more.

Tim Kummerfeld

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