November 23rd, 2020

Hire Great New People – It’s Easier Than You Think

I had the privilege of talking to Yasmin Chung recently. 

Yasmin has a string of successful eateries behind her. One of her restaurants, Sisterhood Cafe in Sandy Bay, won the Gold at the 2020 Melbourne Design Awards. 

She’s also one of our clients. During our conversation, we got onto the topic of job interviews.

She has some pretty straightforward advice for food business owners…

Tell prospective employees what you expect from them.

As she puts it:

“We say, if you’re good by us, if you turn up with a good attitude. On time, clean uniform, and you do your job with a smile on your face, we’ll get along really well.”

Now, what’s Yasmin doing when she says this to a candidate?

She’s setting the intended outcome. She’s telling the candidate exactly what she expects from them if she takes them on.

And that’s something so many food business owners miss out on.

Tell me if this sounds familiar… 

You’ve skimmed the candidates’ CVs and you go in with a set of standard questions. But you don’t make it clear what you want to achieve from the interview. 

As a result, the person you hire isn’t completely clear on what you expect from them.

Maybe they end up being a bad fit for the business. Or they start deviating from your instructions on how to do things.

In both cases, they can probably look back on the initial interview and say that you didn’t tell them what you wanted.

So, what outcome do you want from a job interview?

You want to hire somebody who’s a great fit for your business. Somebody who’s got the skills and the cultural fit that you need. 

You want somebody who will engage with you and your business.  

You’re not just filling a position. You’re finding a new member for your valuable team.

Make all of this clear during the interview. Yasmin always tells the candidates what she expects from them and what it will mean if they deliver. 

You can also share your values and the reasons why you want this new person on board.

Nail your desired outcome and communicate it to your candidates. It’s how you’ll find great people for your team.

Knowing what you expect from candidates from the get-go benefits you, your team, and your business.

Tim Kummerfeld

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