November 4th, 2020

How to Give Effective Feedback

It’s not always easy to give feedback.

You’re usually coming from a place of frustration when you do it. You can see things aren’t working properly and you want to fix that. 

Often, you’re coming off the back of a long day at work yourself. You’re already feeling tense.  

So, what happens?

You snap at a team member and give feedback in an unstructured way.

Few things will damage your relationships with your people more than this. If you don’t deliver feedback in a nice way, you’re telling your people that you don’t care about them.

What does this mean?

For your staff, it means that you don’t trust and respect them. And in return, they’re not going to trust and respect you. 

And this means that you’ll struggle to build a team that meets your standards.

But what happens when you get feedback right?

Your team members become the people who reinforce your standards and culture. They’ll support you and lift you up as you build your hospitality business.

Here’s what you need to understand about feedback…

It’s not about telling people what to do. Good feedback does not involve barking commands and then walking away in a huff.

Feedback is only effective when your people absorb it and take action on it. That’s how you get the change that you’re after. 

And unfortunately, you don’t have direct control over how well somebody absorbs feedback.

That’s controlled by the other person.

What you can control is the way that you deliver your feedback. If you speak to your team members in a structured way, you build stronger relationships. 

This means that they’re more likely to listen when you provide feedback. And more likely to absorb what you’re saying.

My point here is that your relationships with your people matter. And if you’re damaging those relationships when you provide feedback, you’re also damaging your business.

Think about it. 

Does your feedback strengthen or damage your relationships with your people?

Tim Kummerfeld

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