November 18th, 2020

The Ugly Truth About Managing a Team

Why do you give feedback to your people?

Usually, it’s because you want to call out a negative behaviour that’s impacting the team or your business. 

With that in mind, it seems like the feedback process should be pretty simple… 

You pull the person aside and tell them to do something else, instead of what they’re doing.

And yet, when you do that, it seems like you often don’t see the results you expected.

Why is that?

It’s because your people need to know why you want them to do things a certain way.

When you don’t communicate the why to the person, they don’t see a reason to change. This often means they’ll revert back to their previous behaviour as soon as your back is turned.

Here’s a better way to approach the conversation.

When you tell the person what you need them to do, explain why you need them to do things that way. For example, you could tell them that the way they’re doing things now has a negative impact on the team. You could explain that it causes trouble for other team members. Or sets a bad example. 

Then, explain the benefits and consequences of their actions.

Tell them the good stuff that happens when they do things your way. And the bad stuff that happens if they don’t.

And finally, explain what’s in it for them if they change their behaviour.

It’s not just about providing a better service to your customers. When they change, they integrate deeper into your team. Plus, you’ll be able to trust them more, which makes for a better working environment.

You can also bring your business’ cultural values into the equation.

Every person who works for you signs up to follow those values. If you can show your employee how their actions go against those values, you’ve got another reason why.

My point is that it’s not enough to tell your people to do something differently.

Take the time to explain why you need to give that feedback. It’s how you’ll make them more receptive to it.

The why is crucial to make the change you’re looking for.

Tim Kummerfeld

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