November 30th, 2020

What Many Food Businesses Forget About Reputation

Reputations are crucial in the food industry. Of course, you want to have a good reputation with your customers. 

But a good reputation with your potential staff can be just as important. Your business could stand or fall on the quality of your team. You want to attract the best. 

And that’s where reputation management comes in… with everyone.  

Do you remember how exhausting it can be to try and find a job?

You send your CV to dozens of businesses in the hope that you’ll get a call back. In so many cases, those companies don’t even respond to let you know that they’ve chosen not to interview you.

When you do get an interview, you feel elated.

You go through the process and head back home. You wait for some feedback from the business and nothing comes through. You wait for a few days more, without really knowing what’s going on. Eventually, you feel deflated and give up on the job, which means you have to start again.

It’s an emotionally draining experience.

It’s impossible to hire everybody who applies for the jobs you have available. Ultimately, one person will get hired and everybody else loses out. But you still have a duty to communicate with the unsuccessful candidates.

Letting them know the outcome means you can both draw a line under the process.

This doesn’t have to be a complex thing for your business to implement. You can create a template email that goes out to all unsuccessful candidates.

If you’ve only had a couple of candidates, you could even take the time to give each of them a call.

When you do this, you provide closure and show that you care. You’re telling the candidate that you appreciate the effort they put in, even though they weren’t successful.

This will reflect well on your business. Plus, it means the candidate can move on to new applications without waiting around for you.

A little bit of feedback goes a long way.

Don’t be the sort of business that leaves people hanging and puts them through the emotional wringer.

It will make those candidates feel good despite the rejection and it can do wonders for your reputation.

And you would want that, do you?

Tim Kummerfeld

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